Saturday, 9 July 2016

A Letter to Jeremy

In light of the news I received yesterday I wrote this letter to the Labour Party Leader. 

Dear Mr Corbyn, 

We have never met, but I wanted to write to offer my support to you as you undertake such a difficult time with the PLP and a minority of the Labour membership. 

I am a former member of the party who left following the Scottish Referendum in 2014. I had founded an organisation called Labour for Independence. Some within the Scottish Labour Party accused us of being an SNP front. We were not... By the end we had a membership of over 1000 including Bob Thomson the former chair of Scottish Labour, Les Huckfield a former cabinet member of Callaghan's Government among others and the support of Dennis Canavan. I appreciate and respect we have differing views on the independence question but I believed and still do that it would lead to a return of a real Labour Party much like the one you are promoting. 

I left the party upset about the way the Scottish Party had behaved and joined the Scottish Socialist Party. This was a mistake on my part. My aim was to try to bring them to a more traditional Labour position but it was not to be. As a member I campaigned for them in the General Election which has lead to my current issue. 

I applied to rejoin the Labour Party last week. It had been a major consideration for me for some time as Labour will always be my home. The final impetus was the attempted coup to your democratic leadership. 

Unfortunately yesterday I received word from a journalist that my application has been refused as I had campaigned previously for another party. I'm sure there are many members within the party who have been in other political parties and as such will have campaigned for them. Although I have yet to receive an official decision. I intend to appeal this and hope that I can once again rejoin the party, and under your leadership help to reinvigorate and rebuild the party in Scotland. 

If I am unsuccessful, I wanted to wish you the very best of luck. Please know that regardless of any final decision on my membership I will continue to support you, your leadership and those who fight to return Labour to a party of equality and social justice. 

Good luck in your continued efforts. 
Best wishes

Allan Grogan

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