Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Why I rejoined the Labour Party

The last few months I have been considering this more and more. I think my time in the SSP made it more obvious that my political home for better or worse was and is the Labour Party. I will always support Scottish Independence as I believe it is the best way forward for the people of Scotland and the working class in the whole of the UK. That a strong, fair and socially just nation leads the way. This independent Scotland will need a real Labour Party to ensure we are to progress in this manner. I will continue to campaign for Independence and seek to persuade as many Labour voters and others as possible for when INDYREF 2 comes around. The final reason I have rejoined is in support of Jeremy Corbyn. The democratically elected leader with an enormous mandate from the membership. What the Blairite PLP careerists are attempting to do must be stopped at all costs. Only the membership have the authority to remove the leader of the party. I believe Corbyn still has their support. I fully support him and his new shadow cabinet.


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