Sunday, 21 February 2016

A Vote to Stay in the EU.

As an internationalist and a socialist, I believe in the collectivism of action which can take place across several nations. I believe in freedom of travel and I believe in a notion of collective human rights. It is for these reasons that I support an ‘in’ vote in the future EU referendum. The European Union is by no means perfect, it is run with a capitalist agenda, but this can be reformed and we are far better placed to do so working with like-minded comrades than removing ourselves from the process.
It is vital that the left are a part of this discussion, there are so many valid reasons for or against being a part of the European Union which revolve around individual and collective rights and societal issues that we cannot leave the arguments to the xenophobic anti immigrant far right and the neo-liberal arguments of the Westminster establishment. I fully support the campaign to stay in the EU on a programme of reform and mutual benefit for workers throughout the European Union.

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