Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Time to Face the Facts

Faster and faster it is time to upload the new leader of the Labour Left. It used to be once in at least an election cycle that we had to renew the vow for what Labour stood for. Often times we waited a period of several years holding out for leaders who said the right things but scarcely delivered both in or out of power.

Now we are more fortunate, we in the left have a Labour candidate who will be the left’s saviour once every 6 months. Labour for Independence offered a wider redemption, but following the referendum and Johann Lamont’s resignation it was Neil Findlay who waved the red flag. Like the sacrificial lamb, Neil took his defeat to arch Blairite Jim Murphy with good grace, accepting a position within his cabinet. Jim himself suddenly re-found his socialist roots when he realised he had to appeal to the whole of Scotland rather than the well to do of East Renfrewshire. Yet that radical thinking was never able to conjugate with what Jim truly believed and no amount of drinking at football would make Jim seem electable.

Now we have a new leading light of the left in Jeremy Corbyn. At last it seems Labour has found it’s home... Rather it has come home. Corbyn stands (apparently) for everything the Labour left has been calling out for; reversing anti- union legislation, paying a living wage, backing striking workers (underground) and granting Greek debt relief. Finally a voice for the masses..

Corbyn represents the Labour left, but that support is dwindling

Except within the Labour Party today.. It isn’t.......

Chris Leslie as current Shadow Chancellor reversed the parties position on the 50p tax rate. None of the other, more likely leaders would acknowledge one... just one of Corbyn’s measures. Yet this seems to be the sum and the hope of the Labour Party, or at least the left who still support it. Make the token left gesture then find excuses until the current leader is sacked then the carousel with another @Leftie goes on again.

Today, I passed Ninewells Hospital, and as we went by the protesting porters we tooted and raised our fists in solidarity. My ten year old son, panicked thinking those porters would get in trouble the fact we supported them.

In 2015, 30 years after the miners strikes I had to tell my son that this was the last right of the worker, to withhold their labour if they were not being paid properly for it. 30 years ago the ten year old kids who were explained the same thing are now older than me. Nothing has changed. Another Tory Government we didn’t vote for. Another lifeless opposition. The only difference being that in 1985 they knew what they stood for.

And so the Corbyn fans, the Findlay followers, I ask you , what does it achieve? As the world watches Greece and their left wing government, what voice do you have with the main political parties? What does a protest leadership election battle do for what we really believe in?

Theoretical politics has a place, it is in the good times.. This is not one of those moments. In every town, city, street and home there is a movement waiting in the wings. There is a child unfed, a parent out of work, a student who can no longer afford to go to school, a pensioner whose glory days have become a never ending struggle. There is no Labour leader who understands this. Their home, their plight, and their struggle lies within the Scottish Socialist Party.
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This is the party who will ensure the rights of those who need it will be given it, who will ensure fairness, equality and social justice not just as a leadership pamphlet but rather a way of being.

For those who are working tirelessly for Jeremy Corbyn, I say you must now know. That as the Yvette Coopers and Andy Burnhams rule supreme, further and further away your hopes of a ‘Real’ Labour becomes. It is time, time to rise up and begin to make a new way, supporting a party which is unequivocally anti austerity, pro republic, pro independence, pro a distributive local tax model, which has a plan for a 21st century energy policy. Who is pro peace and anti war. A party that stands up for those who deserve the help rather than those who pay for favours.


  1. Good analysis Allan but wrong conclusion in my opinion. Of course we all want a Rainbow Parliament but we need to GET it first ... or we risk dividing the vote in perpetuity.