Thursday, 23 July 2015

The Sharks Are Swimming As The Red Becomes Diluted...

The sharks are swimming around the pool, unaware that theirs is the only blood which is draining away. If Tony Blair has it his way the crimson blood will be diluted permanently by the deep blue sea.

Not since the release of the YouGov poll which put the yes vote ahead one week before the referendum, has the ground below Labour HQ devour itself as much. News that outsider Jeremy Corbyn is ahead in polls by some distance has sent shock waves through the Labour establishment, still not unsure as to why the membership do not see things their way.

This Labour leadership contest has gotten ugly, already coups are being discussed by the Parliamentary Labour Party, Chukka Umunna is doing the media rounds urging Labour MP’s to refuse any shadow cabinet positions offered by Mr Corbyn. Then the big guns came out. Former Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair threw his tuppence worth into the ring, although judging by his previous receipts it will have cost more than that. Blair, ever the one for the pithy soundbite, sent a stark warning to all misbehaving members who are planning to vote for Corbyn.

“People who say their heart is with Corbyn, get a transplant.”

Tony Blair at home with Progress tearing apart the heart of Labour

Of course there is no need Tony, the job of removing the heart of the Labour Party was done a long time ago by yourself and the rest of the New Labour hacks which decimated any standing this once proud party had, particularly in Scotland.

The venue of Blair’s appearance shouldn’t surprise either. To use Tony’s own medical analogy, Progress has been to Labour the cancer which has destroyed everything that was good within the party. This reception ironically for a former Labour leader is the only place he can actually attend without being drowned out by fellow members or placed under citizens arrest for war crimes. Yet the most startling statement from Blair was his first. When jovially asked where he would place Corbyn, 1st or 2nd. Blair responded,

“No that’s actually the Tory preference... Erm I’m a Labour leader.” before remembering he no longer was.

This is the new directive for anti-Corbyn Blairites, to imply that this is an all wonderful Tory coup that they want an ultra lefty who is unelectable, rather than.....Well that’s just where their theory breaks down. Rather than what? A leader(any of the others) who refused to oppose a welfare budget which possibly tear deeper than Thatcher into the social fabric of our society.,that set in motion the next five years of destruction and decimation of the welfare state and NHS; The two pillars which the modern Labour Party was built upon. I would imagine that Cameron and Osbourne would be very happy with either 3 of the red Tories, who leave the opposition to 56 MP’s from up north.

Jeremy Corbyn: The last hope for Labour? 

The truth is that the Tories would be quivering at the prospect of a united opposition of a real Labour Party, opposed to nuclear weapons, support renationalising the railways, adopting a real living wage, higher taxes on the wealthiest in our society, supported by the membership and the majority of the public. Working together with the SNP, Greens and other nationalist groups to hold this vile and wretched government to account.

The reality, however is somewhat different, Even if Corbyn maintains his high lead, he will not reach the magic 50% required on the first ballot, it is unlikely that any supporters of Burnham, Cooper and Kendall will transfer their votes to him, meaning a likely winner of one of the three who have no understanding of what the Labour Party members who are left are holding out for.

In Scotland this is no different, unable to understand their own incompetences, they will continue to pursue the tactic of SNP bad, whilst forgetting the very reasons why so many in this county, including myself once voted for them.

The challenges that face us over the next five years of Tory rule, will not be remedied by a Tony Blair ideologically driven New Labour. Nor will any progressive opposition to the SNP come from Labour in Scotland. The only hope we have to maintain our progressive politics is for the people to hold to account those who think they know better than those who elected them. For the SNP to have a credible opposition in Scotland, which must come from the left, be it a red, green or amalgamation.

As long as Tony Blair, his acolytes or the Progress movement still have a strangle hold on the Labour Party, it doesn’t need a transplant. It needs the last rites.

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