Thursday, 30 April 2015

More Than Just A Day.

This weekends as we take part in parades and marches, rallying together for International Workers Day should serve as a timely reminder of the incredible strength that the workers of the world have when we unite together. Yet far from being a well known and oft used paraphrase it should mark the recognition and realisation that we have the strong hand. Something we often forget as we are continually oppressed and undermined by big business, corporations and governments which only serve their own financial interests.

This strength only arrives through organisation and cooperation, an understanding that we can best serve the interests of all in society when all in society have a fair say and are fairly represented. The organisational capacity comes in part through political party and trade union participation. In this Lenin’s belief in the benefit of organised political movements leading the revolution still ring true. I would argue however that today, particularly in Scotland, the organisation and movement must be directed towards a ballot box revolution. I know some comrades will disagree, however the mass movement of the yes campaign has proved that it is possible to revolutionise society through the principled aim of democratic elections.

From this we must then look at the current political parties and how they will represent the workers. What is clear from these current elections is that none of the Westminster 4 will ever consider the rights and aspirations of the worker as anything other than secondary to retaining power through corporations financing them at the expense of all moral fibres. Voters in Scotland are often led to believe that the SNP are here to protect the interests of the working class. It is folly to believe that. Being left of the Labour Party is like Farage saying he is less racist than Hitler. It still leaves some scope.

Socially the SNP have made some progress, most notably from policies they ‘adopted from the SSP, free school meals, free prescriptions. At its core the Scottish National Party is still a neo liberal, pro big business party which relies on financial support from the likes of Brian Soutar, of whom it could hardly be said had socialist principles.

So it is down to the Scottish Socialist Party to be that political party, that voice, that organisational body, it is our duty to be the voice of the workers to unite, organise, agitate and educate and become a electorally viable alternative to the neo liberal political parties neck deep in vested interests. This is a goal which we as a party must continue to strive for as we continue to grow following the referendum. This has reflections for next Thursday as you cast your vote. For the 4 districts which have an SSP candidate I would encourage all those who march this weekend and those who are with them in solidarity to place their mark for one of these 4 excellent ssp candidates who would represent the people of their districts with distinction, and do so on a workers wage.

Our growth as a party, as a movement will always be an epic struggle, there is no easy road in doing the right thing, in not succumbing to corporate greed but the fight continues on our growth is dependent on the workers as they are dependent to the need for us to grow to become true representation of the people of Scotland.

As a party it is vital that we remain at the forefront of changes which can better the lives of the many. In Scotland we have a unique and unmissable opportunity to achieve this through the vast renewable energy potential we have. Recently I was tasked with writing a coherent strategy and policy for our energy consumption.

This gives us the opportunity to create a lasting energy supply which reinvigorates the manufacturing industry, creates thousands of well paid jobs all of which are enshrined to be a minimum of £10 and hour. These new industries will allow us to demand that workers and consumers have a say in all areas of consultation, planning and administration, cheaper energy to end fuel poverty. An opportunity to radically transform not only the energy sector, but the lives of every citizen of this nation.

We have work to do as a party. Our job as with any other is to ask you to place your trust in us to lead you. To ensure that we will always represent the needs, wants and aspirations of the many than the few. I and many other comrades are committed to making this a reality.

But that is only half the battle. It is up to the people to choose the alternative, to choose a better way. To unite together not just on one day a year, but all the days to say we want, and we deserve better.

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