Thursday, 30 April 2015

More Than Just A Day.

This weekends as we take part in parades and marches, rallying together for International Workers Day should serve as a timely reminder of the incredible strength that the workers of the world have when we unite together. Yet far from being a well known and oft used paraphrase it should mark the recognition and realisation that we have the strong hand. Something we often forget as we are continually oppressed and undermined by big business, corporations and governments which only serve their own financial interests.

This strength only arrives through organisation and cooperation, an understanding that we can best serve the interests of all in society when all in society have a fair say and are fairly represented. The organisational capacity comes in part through political party and trade union participation. In this Lenin’s belief in the benefit of organised political movements leading the revolution still ring true. I would argue however that today, particularly in Scotland, the organisation and movement must be directed towards a ballot box revolution. I know some comrades will disagree, however the mass movement of the yes campaign has proved that it is possible to revolutionise society through the principled aim of democratic elections.

Thursday, 9 April 2015

When You Start Campaigning With The Tories, You’ve Forgotten What Side You Are On.

When you start campaigning with the Tories, you’ve forgotten what side you are on. 

Throughout this week the mainstream media have focussed on a story which was succinctly described by BBC reporter James Cook as “ It was a third hand account that has been denied by everyone who was there.” A stranger, and far more dangerous Telegraph story was unsurprisingly unreported by major media or retweeted by Labour activists, but picked up traction by online news blogs. 

‘In Perth, a group of young activists led by Andrew Skinner, A Labour supporter from Glasgow, has been leafleting the Labour stronghold of North Muirton, trying to persuade people to vote Tory. 

“They did really well and the Conservatives bough them lunch afterwards,” Says Victor Clements, the Director of Forward Together, a local tactical voting campaign. “It’s quite surreal when it comes down to it.” ‘

So this is really what it has boiled down to. Forget Jim Murphy singing from the top of his Irn Bru crate. “Vote SNP get the Tories.” Forget David Cameron shouting from his ivory tower, “Vote SNP let Labour in the backdoor.” The truth is that Labour, Tory and Lib Dems will stoop to any level to ensure that the 3 party hegemony, and more importantly the ‘austerity is the only way’ message is not disrupted.