Saturday, 28 March 2015

What Do You Really Stand For?

Welcome to the year 2030, It’s another election year, Scotland has became independent thanks to a 2015 minority Conservative Government enforcing a decimation of public services, backed up by Ulster Unionists, UKIP and New Labourites, happy to be anywhere but under Ed Miliband’s leadership. 2017 saw the EU referendum, which killed off UKIP but saw the United Kingdom remove itself from the EU after England voted to go and the rest of the home nations voted to stay. Despite electing 38 SNP MPs in 2015 a realisation occurred in the people of Scotland that no matter how we vote, we will always be treated to Tories in a variety of party colours. 

A second referendum is called for 2020 in which 71% of the people of Scotland vote yes to independence. A new nation is formed and a first independent election in 2022 leads to a majority government for the SNP. Eight years on the country is struggling, financially held to the wall by multinational oil companies. Renewable energies are developed only in terms of off/on shore wind farms which 15% of all profits are sent to Crown Estate and subsidies to farmers for land use take up much of the remaining profit. Nuclear weapons will be removed by the year 2035 in agreement with our partners in NATO that the nationally owned Prestwick Airport becomes a US Naval Base which is used to refuel on it’s way to border the threat of Russian military might. Membership of the SNP drops at an alarming rate, so much so that official figures are never mentioned. Despite public unrest, the state financed SBC are predicting that the SNP will retain their majority and 76 year old Alex Salmond will begin his second period as First Minister with a promise to cut corporation tax to stimulate economic growth. With the 8 year maximum service for Nicola Sturgeon having been complete, she will now take her position in the newly formed Presidency role which is a solely political head of state, allowing His Majesty Charles the Third to retain his titles and land North of the Border. Despite great unrest there is little doubt that through Dundee, Glasgow and the North you could stick a pig up there with an yellow SNP rosette and they would be elected.....