Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Let Them Drink Beer.

Social media has been in a furore about Jim Murphy’s latest campaign trick to re-legalise alcohol at football games. It has gotten the nationalists flooding in their condemnation, how this will lead to the end of civilisation, that all our efforts to reduce alcohol abuse will be for nothing if we allow drinking at the football.

In light of this hysteria, it is important to note several things. Firstly alcohol is allowed at football games, but only of you can afford to be in the hospitality suite. This is a working class issue as it will not be the big spenders who do not have the option between a pint or a pie at half time. In my opinion there is no practical reasons why alcohol is not served in other areas than the hospitality in football. The truth is that those who want to be inebriated during a game will do so whether there is drink served there. They will merely fill their boots before the game. Similar to the 5 O’clock swill in Australia, there is a probable argument that alcohol at games would actually reduce binge drinking before games in order to keep these particular fans ‘buzz’ going.

Tea-total Jim claiming another Bru on the exes.

Let’s also be clear that the likelihood of having more than one beer before the game and perhaps at half time is slim to none. Standing in line for a pie and bovril at Hampden is testament to that. This isn’t anything new or original either. Go to Anfield or Old Trafford to watch English games and you can have a pint in the foyer before the game right next to the bookies to place your bet.I’ve heard the argument ‘if you cant go without a drink for 90 minutes then there is something wrong with you.’ That is about as logical as saying pubs should close on a Tuesday because you should all be able to go a night without drinking. Who determines which 90 minutes/day we cannot go without drink?

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

All Aboard the Pink Bus

Less than a week after I forced myself to take a much needed break from politics that the Labour Party have produced another gaffe so incredible that I have felt compelled to write about it. 

This morning my wife told me of the cunning new plan, those bigwigs in Labour HQ have created to connect with women. It’s not an increase of women in the shadow cabinet to 50%. It’s not a promotion of a senior female politician to Shadow Chancellor.. No their great idea is a bus... A big pink bus. Yet beyond the notion that a tour bus is the answer or the media jokes about the colour is something far more worrying. 

Unveiling the campaign, Labour’s deputy leader Harriet Harman said the pink bus tour was not patronising, as the party recognises that women have different patterns in their working lives which need to be addressed by public policy.

She also defended the choice of colour, saying it was important to make sure the bus was conspicuous.

The tour of 70 constituencies will focus on five areas that Labour has determined are key to women: childcare, social care, domestic violence, equal pay and political representation.
That’s it, that’s the sum of all worries and woes for all women all across the UK. 

The truth is that of course these issues are important and it’s right that the Labour Party are addressing them in this election campaign. The problem is that it is segregation in the purest form. 

You can almost hear Ed Balls and Miliband say to Harman; 
“Don’t you worry your pretty head about the economy off you go on a pink bus and talk to women about domestic abuse.” 

What’s next?