Friday, 28 November 2014

An Update

It has been sometime since I have written something for this blog and so while I do have several slow burning issues in the fire, one of which I hope to write about this weekend. I felt an update was in order for the one or two folk who have taken the time to keep up to date with this website.... My mum and wife mostly.

After the result of the Smith Commission I have been suitably depressed and unsurprised by the result, neither have I been shocked to see Labour and The Record try to paint this as anything but a full vindication of the vow. These proposals in truth, fall far short of what would mollify the 15% who possibly changed their vote based on the vow, never mind the 45% who outright rejected the notion of Westminster rule. In light of this I wanted to note down some of my thoughts, however after reading our National Spokesperson Colin Fox’s remarks I felt they shared my feelings on the issue enough to move on from it. You can view the article here. 

It has been a busy few months getting to grips with being in a new party. I must confess it is often difficult to hear about the Labour Party and not associate it with yourself after all these years. It’s almost like driving past your childhood home, fully aware that it is no longer yours, that the people in it are different to you, watch different TV to you. And are probably sitting there drinking Fosters thinking it is very ‘internationalist” of them.

I must thank my comrades throughout the Scottish Socialist Party for making me feel very welcome and at home in the party. In particular my Dundee branch, who have even adopted bringing baking to meetings. My taste buds thank you if my jeans don’t. In the last few months we have begun to really organise in our local area, canvassing working class areas, fund raising and beginning to create a public discussion forum for new recruits and old to continue to engage in the political debate that was resurrected by the Yes campaign. I recently re-watched the wonderful Richard Attenborough film Ghandi; In which I was reminded of the great Ghandi Quote.. “Even if you are minority of one, the truth is the truth.” It is becoming more and more clear that the SSP are far more than a majority of one, in fact a growing number of socialists who are realising the way forward is to shape the SSP into the obvious party of the working class people... We have the truth and right on our side and it is beginning to shine out.

I am delighted to have been asked to speak for the SSP in Edinburgh at St Marks Church on December 1st and in Perth at The Gateway on The 4th of December. I have also accepted to speak in Fife in Mid December for The SSP, with details to follow. In addition to this I am continuing to work upon an energy vision paper to put to the party which should be ready by the turn of the year.

I finally want to comment on the decision by the SSP Executive Committee following the SNP’s refusal to take part in an electoral Yes Alliance in 2015 as offered by the SSP. We have chosen to offer candidates in specific areas in Scotland. I strongly support the proposal following our very gracious offer to put aside party politics to continue the independence movement. Now that it is clear this will not occur. With both the Greens and SNP selecting candidates for areas we will now move forward as a party working hard to promote our aims as the only socialist party in Scotland. I am emboldened by the opportunity to state our case for an independent republic of Scotland. While I wish my comrades in the SNP and Greens well in their campaigns it will now be time to acknowledge the different visions we had for an independent Scotland and the different visions we have for a Scotland today.

There is hope I will make time this weekend to share some thoughts on a different way of socialism. In the meantime a very happy St Andrews day tomorrow to all, in both camps of the independence debate.

Much more to follow..

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