Friday, 10 October 2014

My Submission to the Smith Commission

As part of the wider Yes movement Labour for Independence campaigned for the opportunity to create an independent Scotland. As founder of this organisation this is written on a personal level. I, within the wider movement accept the democratic will of the majority of Scots to stay within the UK. However I would argue that the closeness of the result and subsequent reasons why many voted no determines that great developments must occur.

In order to satisfy the will of the 45% who voted yes and the great number who voted no only after being assured of more powers it is my submission to the committee that all domestic economic and social powers should be fully devolved to the Scottish Parliament, with defence and foreign policy matters being held at Westminster. 

All economic control should include oil revenues, air passenger duty and all tax powers. Social powers shall include those already devolved to Scottish Parliament and include social security, pensions and the right to nationalise public services such as energy, transport and the Royal Mail.

In addition to this the right of a Scottish Parliament should be enshrined into a written constitution and should no longer have it's existence or legislative powers altered on a whim of current Governments in Westminster or the House of Lords. Additionally the Human Rights convention and our alignment to this should be determined by the Scottish Parliament not altered via Westminster. 

In delivering true Devo Max, the commission will be representing the wishes of the people of Scotland on both sides of the debate. As federalism may be the saving grace of a union, the Scottish Parliaments powers and remits should be reflective of this. 

Allan Grogan 
Labour for Independence Founder. 


  1. Agreed Brother but with a previso if it's not the Devo Max we were promised the Yes Movement will push for a referendum for 2020 full stop

  2. And what about Trident? I voted Yes for many reasons, but a strong anti-nuclear stance, particularly nuclear WMD, was very important to me. I'm drafting my submission and think I'm going to include it anyway.........what do you think?